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LED Driver(for Panel light)

The increasing demand for ecological and environmentally friendly products in the market has driven the rapid replacement of traditional lighting with LED lights. PiC offers a wide range of semiconductor device products for LED lighting applications and helps reduce power consumption, efficiency and compact size component for LED lighting applications. Developed devices with higher power densities to achieve higher current ratings in smaller packages and improve overall efficiency. This effort can bring a smaller, brighter and more efficient lighting.

LED Panel light Application Recommended Device (18W-60W)

Application Function Spec. Package Type Recommended Parts
Primary Side Regulation High Voltage MosFET N-CH 6A/700V Dpack xxxxx
Fast Recovery Diode 1A/1000V trr=500ns SOD-123FL RS1010FL
High Effienicy Diode 1A/800V trr=75ns SOD-123FL US1008FL
Super Fast Diode 5A/600V trr=35ns SMC EK5J
Secondary side regulation Schottky Diode 3.0A / 60V SMA SK36
1.0A / 40V SMA SK14
TVS 200W series SMF SMFXXX
600W series SMB P6SMBJXXX
Dimming Ctrl. Low Voltage MosFET N-CH 100V 310mOhm SOT-223 PAN00T08QB
N-CH 100V 310mOhm SOT-23 PAN0018N
N-CH 100V 310mOhm SOT-89 PAN00T08K
N-CH 100V 310mOhm TO-252 PAN00T08X
N-CH 150V 250mOhm TO-252 PAN10N15X