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Paceleader Industrial Corp.( PiC in short ) Established in 1996, is a professional semiconductor design company and using the industry's highest density process technology,devoted to design and development of quality products, such as Trench Schottky, Low Voltage MOSFETs,  Protection devices… Utilizing Taiwan to have the world's most complete semiconductor industry settlement and professional assembly package house in China, as a result we can quickly developed a broad range of  device that customers needed,  In coordination with the geographical advantages of our operation located in Taiwan and China, we have strived to reach a balance between quality and cost for our customers. 
Our product portfolio of discrete semiconductors includes :
  • Trench/Planner schottky diode
  • Low Voltage MosFETs
  • ESD
  • Protection Devices: Zener, TVS Diodes
  Our products cover a wide range of applications from everyday consumer products, such as networking and communications products,  mobile phones and personal computers, to industrial products and automotive electronics. In addition, we also specialize in high tolerance products with wide operating temperature ranges and are continuously moving towards miniaturization to meet the needs of product development trends.

Company Brief :
  • Established : 1996
  • Headquarter  : New Taipei City(Far East Century Park), Taiwan
  • Manufacturing Sites: Taiwan and Shanghai, China
  • Products: Discrete semiconductors
  • Market Segment:  consumer, computer, lighting, communication, industrial