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SR Rectification application

For the current rectifying device of the MosFET, there are generally conduction, driving, and switching losses. Its loss characteristics can be represented by Rds(On). Therefore, there is a great limitation in improving the efficiency of the MOSFET: a compromise must be made between the on-resistance and the lower gate charge (Qg), that is, a compromise between conduction loss and capacitive loss. PIC products will reduce Rds(On) value, optimizing the various factors of the rectifier device to improve circuit efficiency

SR Application Recommended Device

Function Spec. Package Type Recommended Parts
Low Voltage MosFET N-CH 40V 3.3mOhm PRPAK5 x 6 PAN4024AY
N-CH 60V 4.8mOhm PRPAK5 x 6 PAN6024AY
N-CH 80V 6.5mOhm PRPAK5 x 6 PAN8024AY
N-CH 100V 10mOhm PRPAK5 x 6 PAN0024AY
N-CH 40V 3.3mOhm TO-220 PAN4024AG
N-CH 60V 4.8mOhm TO-220 PAN6024AG
N-CH 80V 6.5mOhm TO-220 PAN8024AG
N-CH 100V 10mOhm TO-220 PAN0024AG