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R & D Innovation ‧ Customer Satisfaction

Paceleader has passed ISO 9001: 2000 international quality certification in December 2001 and re-certified by ISO revision in September 2010

Time change quickly, every management people are responsible for business growth, development and management to improve the responsibility; and improve competitiveness, The necessary condition is held the key factors of success to enter the twenty-first century.

The company is committed to promoting ISO 9001: 2008, the main purpose is to institutionalize the organization and enhance the quality of the product.

In the efforts of all members, is committed to the semiconductor industry research and development, to establish a standardized system, the pursuit of sustainable business enterprises, with international quality system needs for customers to provide more secure, better service and action.

Promote and adopt ISO 9001: 2008 international quality certification, which can improve the enterprise physique, strengthen the competitive ability, to enhance the corporate image and achieve the enterprise sustainable profit.

Environmental policy ‧ Green products

Green Product (Green Product), refers to the company's products in raw materials acquisition, product manufacturing, sales, use, waste disposal process, with "recyclable, low pollution, provincial resources" and other functions or concepts.

The green products of Paceleader Industrial Co., Ltd. refer to the following materials that constitute the product of the Green and the components of the product: components, attachments, auxiliary parts or materials, materials used in the parts production process, and spare parts for maintenance. RoHS compliant.

The product series from Paceleader have been fully comply with green products.


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Commitment to quality
Environmental policy

Comply with environmental regulations and implement plans to prevent environmental pollution, reduce the environmentally harmful substances and materials in the process, and develop the concept of green products to reduce the impact on the environment.

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